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Parallel Plates & Sludge Removal Systems

JMS – Jim Myers and Sons – JMS Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler System) is one of the most effective plate settler systems with such key features as Top Flow Control Angle, Dual Side-Loaded Effluent Troughs, and Adjustable V-Notch Weirs.  JMS Mega-SETTLER will improve effluent quality in a smaller footprint.

TFCA controls headloss and clogging issues that other designs do not address. This JMS only feature also allows for operators to walk on top of the plates for wash-down and service.

Dual Side-loaded Effluent Troughs help address the issues of reduced visibility, access to the plates, and velocity accumulations resulting in imbalanced flow.








2VNP help fine tune water elevations to accommodate fluctuations in plate flow. This JMS only feature also help acquire even flow distribution across all plates

JMS Success Story

Located about 15 miles south of Milwaukee, the Oak Creek Water & Sewer Utility provides water and sewer service to 70,000 people in Milwaukee County. To meet growth demands of the area, the capacity of the Oak Creek WTP has grown from its original six million gallons/day (MGD) to a current capacity of more than 34 MGD. In the latest plant upgrade, engineers hoped to not only improve water quality but also maximize the space available for expansion. They did so by specifying the use of a JMS Mega-SETTLER, installed downstream from a newly-installed Mega-FLOC (Horizontal Paddle Wheel Flocculator), also from JMS. This change greatly reduced both the size of the sedimentation basins and the building needed to house them.

Oak Creek WTP was in a unique position to be able to compare and contrast systems with and without JMS technology at work, as several basins were traditional sedimentation basins and one was a high-rate basin with older plate settlers. Plant operators report the performance from the basins with the JMS Mega-SETTLER is much better than the others, citing an average effluent turbidity of 0.2 – 0.4 NTU. They also say that, when complete, the plant expansion came in $6 million under estimates with better process performance than any of their previous expansions.


The Mega-SCRAPER, a simple and reliable answer to remove sludge. It features hydro-dynamically designed blades and reciprocating motion produce a thickening effect of the sludge blanket while creating a zone of influence that moves solids toward the sludge collection pit. On the forward stroke this blade design transports sludge forward, and slides under the blanket without disturbance of the sedimentation process on the reverse stroke. The speed of the reverse stroke is 2-3 times the forward stroke speed. Based on sound principles, but flexible by design, it is applicable in both water and wastewater sedimentation systems.