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Rectangular Clarifier – Envirex® Chain & Scraper

Evoqua – Rectangular Clarifier – Envirex® Chain & Scraper system provides maximum sludge concentrations and floating solid removal. The system is comprised of light-weight components, which makes installation easy and simplifies maintenance.  Flights mounted on two parallel strands of metallic or non-metallic chain scrape the settled solids along the tank floor to sludge hoppers. On the return run, the flights can skim the surface and concentrate the floating material at a scum removal device. Applications include:

  • Water Treatment Plants
    • Chemical sludge removal
    • Pre-sedimentation
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Primary & secondary clarification
    • DAF thickeners
  • Industrial Treatment
    • Clarification
    • Oil/water separation


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Video: Rehab Solutions

Technical Sales Manager, Dennis Kaiser, describes Evoqua’s retrofit/rehab solutions for chain and scrapers, including several new components designed for easy installation, replacement and long life.

Chain and Scraper Components


  • Channel Flights
  • Sigma Plus Flights
  • Diamond Flights
  • Flight Extensions

Collector Chains and Tools

Drive Chains



  • Metallic and Non-Metallic FRP Headshafts
  • Full Tank Width Shafts (live or static)
  • Stub Shafts


Return tracks and supports

Wear Items

  • Wear Strips – UHMW Polyethylene
    • Standard with convex washers
    • Floor – C-Style Wear Strip (optional)
    • Return Tracks – C-Style Wear Strip (optional)
  • Wear Shoes – UHMW Polyethylene (optional polyurethane)

Cross collectors

  • Chain and Flight
  • Screw Conveyor
    • Torque Tube Drive
    • Chain Drive

Scum Skimming

  • Scum Pipes
    • Lever Operated – Manual
    • Worm Gear – Manual or Motorized
    • Rack and Pinion – Manual or Motorized
  • Power Skimmers – with or without Steel Trough
  • Helical Skimmers – with or without Steel Trough
  • Surface Skimmers

System Monitoring

  • Flight and Sprocket Monitoring