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Conveyors – JCI

JCI offers screw conveyor systems that are compact in design, and are easily adapted to congested locations for conveyance of materials in the horizontal, inclined, or vertical directions. Applications included transferring dewatered solids, grit, screenings, lime sludge and others.  They offer several advantages for environmental applications such as total enclosure of materials for odor and spillage control, and the ability to handle a wide variety of materials from wet to dry, and slow-moving to free-flowing. Screw conveyors are available in a variety of materials of construction. The ability to have multiple entry and discharge points and many options for flow control often make this type of conveyor a key component of larger material handling systems.


  • JMS Shafted Conveyor & SilosShafted and shaftless designs available in several configurations and live bottom
  • Complete enclosure during conveyance eliminates spilling and odors, so less housekeeping is required
  • Perfect for congested locations
  • Wide range of capabilities, with multiple inlets and discharges as needed
  • Can handle high temperature, abrasive, and sticky materials
  • Wide capacity range, and can be used to mix or meter materials
  • Special safety features