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Sluice, Slide, Flap Gates SST

Gates – Sluice, Slide, Flap Gates – Golden Harvest, Inc.


  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pump Stations Sizes 6″ thru 240″
  • Flood Control and Drainage Systems
  • Power Generating Facilities-Influent & Effluent
  • Industrial Plant Liquid Waste Handling Facilities
  • Sluice, Weir, Stop, Stop Log, Bulkhead, Roller, Radial, Crest, Flap, Level Control
  • Telescoping ValvesMaterials
  • T-304 & T-316 Stainless Steel, Aluminum 6061, A-36 Mild Steel, Exotic Metals Available Upon Request

Sluice Gate for Submerged Service

  • The term ‘Sluice Gate’ is no longer recognized by AWWA
    • GH considers a heavy-duty fully wedged gate a ‘Sluice Gate’
  • Typical use:
    • Isolation (Open/Close)
    • Flow monitoring via covering or partially an opening or orifice (Throttling Service)
  • Incorporates a horizontal top seal
  •   Reference Models: GH-27 (AL), GH-29 (S-Stl) & GH-100 (S-Stl)
  • Provides Superior Sealing Performance. Up to 1/100th of that allowed per AWWA Standards.


Open Top Slide/Sluice Gates (Upward Opening)

  • Typically use: Isolation (open/close service).
  • Similar to the submerged service gate, water sluices under the slide
  • In channel or embedded or surface mounted to the end of channel
  • Can be face mounted to cover opening/orifice when water level is low

Weir Gates (Downward opening)

  • Typical use: Upstream level control or flow monitoring (Modulating service)
  • Water cascade over the gate as the slide is opened downward.
  • Design consideration: Must design a drop below the gate for full downward  travel

Frame Designs

  • Self Contained Frame
    • The gate frame supports the slide and the actuator

      Self Contained Frame

  • Non-Self Contained Frame
    • The gate frame only support the slide. A pedestal or wall bracket support the actuator.