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Submersible Low Speed Mixers – Flygt

Flygt the industry leader in municipal wastewater mixing, is proud to raise the standard in high efficiency, low-speed submersible mixers. Flygt 4320’s revolutionary design couples a high efficiency mixer and state-of-the-art motor efficiency, with an integrated adjustable speed. The result is a submersible mixer that delivers superior mixing with adjustability and simplicity, for unsurpassed energy savings.


Flygt 4320 Mixers

Product Features

  • Integrated variable speed drive coupled with a high efficiency mixer  – eliminates the need for an external VFD
  • ​Motor efficiency comparable to the Super Premium Efficiency, IE4 levels, with fully adjustable speed​
  • Superior hydraulic efficiency combined with superior motor efficiency and adjustable speed, to provide only the thrust your process requires, delivers unparalleled energy efficiency
  • Drastically reduces carbon footprint – energy savings may provide payback in as little as a couple years​ ​
  • Easily adjust speed without removing mixer – equipped with user friendly remote speed controls that can be mounted tank side or in a control room for easy accessibility​
  • Three propeller sizes each in two or three-blade versions:  55, 79 and 98 inches (1.4, 2.0 and 2.5 m) for a range of mixing applications​
  • ​Propeller options and speed range deliver a broad range thrust for virtually any submersible mixing application​

Efficiency by Design: Designed for Today, Adjustable for Tomorrow

Xylem’s Flygt 4320 mixers combine reliability and rugged performance with unmatched energy efficiency that is easy to operate, easy to adjust.  You can adjust for today’s flow and loadings, with the flexibility to change quickly to meet seasonal demands, and still have the power reserve to adjust to future flows as thrust requirements increase.  Flygt 4320 can deliver just the thrust you need to meet mixing and treatment objectives, with minimal energy consumption – today, tomorrow and in the future.

​Flygt 4320 also enhances process optimization.  Making process modifications can change the thrust requirements by as much as 50%.  The Flygt 4320 provides the mixing versatility to adjust to process changes without compromising mixing or sacrificing energy efficiency, eliminating concerns over how process modifications might impact the mixing thrust requirements.  Mixing speeds can be changed with the touch of a button, quickly and easily, putting you in complete control.   The ease and versatility allow a higher degree of overall process optimization, for even more energy savings.  Flygt 4320 mixers are ideal for activated sludge processes that require adjustments to aeration levels, changing aeration /anoxic zones, changing headworks operations, or changing MLSS concentrations.

Dependable, Reliable, Rugged

As with all Flygt mixers, the Flygt 4320 is the product of over five decades of experience and innovation.  We design and engineer all our components in-house, assuring you of quality and reliability.  Flygt 4320 mixers are easy to install, with all the benefits of an external VFD without the construction complexity, for quicker start up and lower construction costs.​

Flygt 4320 mixers are engineered with soft starts and stops for reduced wear and fatigue.  Adjusting for actual thrust requirements further reduces stress and wear during periods of reduced thrust need.  Combined, the Flygt 4320 provides longer life and reduced maintenance.  As with all Flygt low speed mixers, raising and lowering the mixer for maintenance are easy, convenient and safe using Flygt lifting equipment. ​

Adjustable.  Efficient.  Optimized operation.  Simple.  Reliable.​

Below is a video produced by a Michigan Flygt representative showcasing “the sickest mixer ever made”: