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Top Entry Mixers

Flygt (Xylem) top-entry mixer portfolio  comprises four reliable Flygt models that can be tailored to required process needs. Based on the agitation requirements, Flygt can recommend the configuration that is right by specifying the impeller type, number, size, shaft and position. Flygt’s three-blade hydrofoil impellers or the proven non-clogging Flygt banana blade impellers result is exceptional thrust and high bulk flow along with excellent energy efficiency. The Flygt banana blade, yellow impeller blades, with their backswept design, offer the advantage of self-cleaning properties to ensure clog-free operation, even in the presence of fibrous materials. Installation of Flygt top-entry agitators are ideal for use in:

  • Digester mixing
  • Sludge storage mixing
  • Anoxic and anaerobic biological treatment