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Tow-Bro® Hydraulic Sludge Removal System

Evoqua- Tow-Bro Hydraulic Sludge Removal System ensures rapid removal of settled concentrated sludge with minimal sludge blanket disturbance. Proven in hundreds of installations as well as in exhaustive testing programs, Tow-Bro offers simple operation, less maintenance requirements, lower construction, and energy costs. This secondary activated sludge clarifier features:

  • Rapid removal of sludge results in Less oxygen needed in biological system, No denitrification, No bio P re-release.
  • Maximum solids concentration—A more concentrated RAS results in less RAS flow pumping
  • Minimum sludge agitation—Achieved through a gentle removal action and a minimum of underwater disturbance
  • Balanced hydraulic design—Removes settled solids in proportion to the area covered over a wide range of flows and permits low sludge blankets to be maintained for cleaner effluents

Clarifiers include spiral blade and traditional scraper type.