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Traveling Bridge Filters – AquaABF Automatic Backwash Filter

Aqua Aerobic AquaABF Automatic Backwash Traveling Bridge Filter is a continuous rapid-rate, gravity filter utilizing granular media.


  • Adaptable design utilizes cast-in-place concrete or steel package tanks
  • Concrete filters available in standard widths of 6,9,12.5, and 16 ft.
  • Package filters available in sizes ranging from (4 ft. x 8 ft.)  to (9 ft. x 40 ft)
  • Mono media sand, dual media sand and anthracite, or granular activated carbon
  • Continuous filtration, even during backwash mode
  • Typical hydraulic loading rate of 2 gpm/sq ft at Avg Daily Flow  and 5 gpm/sq ft at Max Daily flow
  • 6″ headloss
  • 1 to 3% of daily flow required for backwash


  • Reuse/Recycle/Title 22
  • Tertiary filtration
  • Phosphorus removal