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JCI Industries, Inc. is the exclusive provider of Flowserve Fluid Sealing Devices in Kansas, Western Missouri, and Nebraska. We offer a complete line of seals including cartridge seals, dry-running seals, metal bellows, elastomeric bellows, split seals and gas barrier seals for zero emissions.We also carry bearing protection devices and seal chamber auxiliary equipment.

We stock complete cartridge and component seals for all ANSI and API pumps, and maintain over $250,000 of seal related inventory. JCI’s seals specialist has 60+ years of experience, including seal application design & recommendation, seal failure analysis, and complete seal repair and installation.

Flowserve heritage product lines include BW/IP, Pacific Wietz, Durametallic, Five Star, and Pac-Seal. BW/IP was engineered API type seal, Pacific Wietz the gas seals came from, Durametallic and Five Star were the ANSI market seals and the Pac-Seal are for the OEM market.

Seal Resources

PSS 4 Split Seal

  • The Flowserve PSS 4  is the next generation split seal that is ideal for increasing production capacity through reduced equipment downtime. This split seal is easy to install and is a unitized component, semi-cartridge design that installs around the shaft, outside the seal chamber with the pump or mixer fully assembled. No setting dimensions or measurements are required.
  • Key features:
    • Split mechanical seal for pumps & agitator
    • Semi-cartridge split seal for non-hazardous liquid services
    • Split seal installation reduces equipment downtime
    • Design features enable first installation success and solid long-term performance
    • Pressure capability of 300 psi with excursions to 450 psi satisfies most industrial pump services
    • Pre-engineered for a wide range of equipment

See the following instructional video on the proper installation procedures for the PSS4 split seal:




Flowserve Diamond Seal Face Coating:

 REDUCE Operating Cost by 90% without reducing reliability

    • Difficult Applications for a simplicity of a Single Seal:
      • Dry running services
      • Abrasive particles
      • Contaminated processes
      • Low lubricity fluids
      • Mix of  Gas & Liquids  (due to vertical orientation, upstream agitation or poor venting)
    • Eliminate or Reduce Expensive External Components:
      • External flush fluid
      • External cooling
      • Barrier fluid systems
    • In the past, external clean, cool fluid was used to lubricate seal faces or dual seals operating on clean barrier fluid. Now, the solution  is to use Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide Faced Seal (UNCD) and let the process fluid itself lubricate the seal even with challenging applications.
    • Benefits include:
      • Flowserve Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide Low Friction ChartLowest friction seal face for cool running
      • Maximum abrasion resistance
      • Highest chemical resistance
      • High wear resistance
      • Use the “challenging” process fluid to lubricate the seal without damage
      • Retrofit into most seal services without modification to seal or pump
        • ISC2, QB, BZ, SLM, SLC, Slurry Seals

Flowserve Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide High Thermal Conductivity ChartFlowserve Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide Hardness Chart



Flowserve Mechanical Seal Piping Plans

  • Flowserve Mechanical Seal Piping Plan Flip Book – reference book that provides a concise summary of the most essential piping plans used successfully in today’s process plants. Each plan shows all the standard and optional auxiliary components referenced in API Standard 682

Pac Seal pacseal

  • Pac Seal Brochure
  • Single Spring and Elastomer Bellows Mechanial Seal; Pac-Seal 21, Pac-Seal-51.
  • See improved performance of replacing John Crane Type 21 ™ with a Pac-Seal 21 utilizing a crimped-head rotary unit removing metal contact from the seal ring and preventing foreign material from collecting under the bellows.


ISC2 Cartridge Seal

  • Standard cartridge mechanical seals provide exceptional reliability and standardization in a wide variety of industrial applications and service conditions. ISC2 seals are designed to fit hundreds of pump and rotating equipment models from global manufacturers.
  • Requires less inventory, Provides greater flexibility, Offers less downtime and longer seal life.


Oil and Gas Seals

  • Application Guide: mechanical seals in product pipeline pumps, covering the transmission of crude oil and refined products such as fuel oils, gasolines, crude oils, and natural gas liquids (NGL), propane and ethane.

Pulp and Paper

General Industry

  • Primary Metals
  • Recreation
  • Steam Process
  • Mobile Liquid Unloading
  • Paint Services
  • Research & Special Applications
  • General Industry
  • Mining

Pharmaceutical Seal Guidelines

Slurry Seal Market

  • Medium Duty Slurry Seals (SLM-6000)
  • Light Duty Slurry Seals (ISC2-PX)
  • FGD, Mining, Iron Ore, Phosphate Plant, Potash Plant, Coal Processing, Bottom Ash Removal

Pipeline Seals

Chemical, Power

Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

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