Sludge Removal System – Chain & Flight Collector

Polychem – Chain & Flight Collector system removes bottom sludge and transfers it to a sludge hopper at the influent end of the clarifier while also skimming out floating surface scum and discharging it via a scum pipe.

System Components The SmartGuard® Collector Monitoring System for rectangular clarifiers identifies collector system overloads that cannot be detected by traditional shear-pin or torque monitoring devices. SmartGuard’s strategic placement allows it to monitor regular motion, warn of potential danger, and shut down the system before damage can occur. This cost-effective, early detection approach helps water and wastewater plants to avoid costly system failures by controlling up to four mechanisms, including longitudinal collectors, cross collectors, scum pipes, and screw conveyors.

  • Strategically placed at the head shaft to identify flight misalignment and at the lower-rear idlers to monitor sprocket motion.
  • Prevents damage to the chains, flights, and attachment links.
  • Protects against costly system failures that can be caused by irregular sludge loadings, flight misalignment, concrete movement, and foreign objects dropped into the clarifier.
  • Simple to use and install.
  • Offers reliable system intelligence.
  • Monitoring systems available for sprocket motion monitoring, flight misalignment, or both.
  • Adaptable control panel available.
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