Sluice, Slide, Flap Gates SST

Gates – Sluice, Slide, Flap Gates – Golden Harvest, Inc.


  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pump Stations Sizes 6″ thru 240″
  • Flood Control and Drainage Systems
  • Power Generating Facilities-Influent & Effluent
  • Industrial Plant Liquid Waste Handling Facilities
  • Sluice, Weir, Stop, Stop Log, Bulkhead, Roller, Radial, Crest, Flap, Level Control
  • Telescoping ValvesMaterials
  • T-304 & T-316 Stainless Steel, Aluminum 6061, A-36 Mild Steel, Exotic Metals Available Upon Request

Gates – Sluice, Slide, Flap Gates – Golden Harvest, Inc.

  • The term ‘Sluice Gate’ is no longer recognized by AWWA
    • GH considers a heavy-duty fully wedged gate a ‘Sluice Gate’
  • Typical use:
    • Isolation (Open/Close)
    • Flow monitoring via covering or partially an opening or orifice (Throttling Service)
  • Incorporates a horizontal top seal
  •   Reference Models: GH-27 (AL), GH-29 (S-Stl) & GH-100 (S-Stl)
  • Provides Superior Sealing Performance. Up to 1/100th of that allowed per AWWA Standards.

Open Top Slide/Sluice Gates

Upward Opening
  • Typically use Isolation (open/close) service.
  • Similar to the submerged service gate, water sluices under the slide
  • In channel or embedded or surface mounted to the end of channel
  • Can be face mounted to cover opening/orifice when water level is low

Weir Gates

Downward opening
  • Typical use Upstream level control or flow monitoring (Modulating service)
  • Water cascade over the gate as the slide is opened downward.
  • Design consideration: Must design a drop below the gate for full downward  travel

Self Contained Frame

Frame supports the slide and the actuator

In this design, the gate frame supports the slide and the actuator

Non-Self Contained Frame

Only slide is supported by frame

The gate frame only support the slide. A pedestal or wall bracket support the actuator.

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