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Suncoast Hydraulic Electric Manufacturing (Suncoast) was founded in 1990 building control systems to operate car washes.  When you visit an automated car wash and select what type of wash you want and include specific cleaning details such as under carriage, wheels, etc., that is the magic behind their product.

That experience led to a new division in 2000 for the wastewater industry.  If you’ve ever been near a wastewater treatment plant or lift station and smelled a bad odor, you can understand the problem the neighboring community is facing.  How do they get that smell out of there?  Suncoast has solutions for this.

The close proximity of this wastewater lift station to the neighboring community was a problem until Suncoast’s Oda Killa was installed.

Suncoast has 16 sales representatives nationwide.  Currently there are 28 employees at the Jacksonville, Florida location building the units for both the car wash industry and the wastewater division.  Soon, Suncoast will have an automated manufacturing system in place to make it easier and quicker to build their units.  It takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks to build a control panel for the wastewater plant once all of the submittals and drawings are submitted.

The Oda Killa by Suncoast eliminates odor by using UV treatment for above ground installations.  They are available in 10, 20, 30 & 60 grams per hour for different sized units.  They are the most versatile and effective and can be modified to the customer’s needs.  What does the Oda Killa do?  It removes the methyl mercaptan (the rotten cabbage smell) and Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S (the rotten egg smell) from the air around the lift stations.

Suncoast Grease Killa in action destroying three feet of grease.

The Grease Killa eliminates FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) for below ground installations in wet wells and headworks. (See photo at right)

The newest product, the Oda Killa UV System uses UV lighting on low flow systems. (See photo below)

Oda Killa UV System

Every piece of equipment is hooked up to a motor and tested before it ever leaves their shop.  They simulate floats and produce a quality control report and/or video the results.

Suncoast is so confidant in their odor control systems, that if you do not get the results you were promised in writing, they will do whatever is requires to make it work or they will remove all of their equipment and return your site back to its original state at NO COST TO YOU!

Success Stories:  Their first installation of the Oda Killa was in Palm Coast, Florida.  That installation has been so successful that Palm Coast now has nine Oda Killa units throughout the area.  There is also a unit installed on the end of the scrubber at Sea World.

Another successful installation is in the open market area of downtown Jacksonville, FL.  It was uninhabitable due to the odors.  Now, thanks to the Oda Killa, they hold open-air concerts, farmer’s markets and even weddings with the St. John’s River as a back-drop. (See photo below)

The building on the left houses the Oda Killa units for the open air market at St. Johns Landing.

Local Project:  A new lift station is being constructed off of Front Street in Kansas City, Missouri. However, when you bring in a lift station you also bring the odor with it.  To prevent that, the engineer specified the Oda Killa unit to be installed as well.  No other product was allowed or approved for this job.  That speaks volumes of the confidence they have in Oda Killa.  It is exciting for our community to be getting the first installation in our area.

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