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Flygt Xylem – Adaptive Mixers for BNR control: Since treatment processes are variable, your mixer should be too with an integrated drive and advanced control capabilities for full control over your mixing. Flygt Adaptive Mixers can be automated to deliver only the thrust required resulting in remarkable energy cost savings. Sediment on your tank floor? Seasonal fluctuations? Process upgrades? Flygt Adaptive Mixers let you manually or automatically adjust output to achieve the required mixing process result. The same adaptive mixer model can be used for different applications across your plant, your investment in spare parts and backup mixers can be reduced.




  • ​Motor efficiency comparable to the Super Premium Efficiency, IE4 levels, with fully adjustable speed​
  • Superior hydraulic efficiency combined with superior motor efficiency and adjustable speed, to provide only the thrust your process requires, delivers unparalleled energy efficiency
  • Adjusts for overload conditions
    • When overload conditions are imminent, a Flygt Adaptive Mixer automatically senses the danger, adjusts output accordingly, and triggers an alarm.


Efficiency by Design: Designed for Today, Adjustable for Tomorrow

Xylem’s Flygt 4200 direct drive and 4320 geared mixers combine reliability and rugged performance with unmatched energy efficiency that is easy to operate, easy to adjust.  You can adjust for today’s flow and loadings, with the flexibility to change quickly to meet seasonal demands, and still have the power reserve to adjust to future flows as thrust requirements increase.  Flygt adamptive mixers can deliver just the thrust you need to meet mixing and treatment objectives, with minimal energy consumption – today, tomorrow and in the future.


Case Study – Albion, Michigan

  • Reduce power consumption by over 95%:
    • 1.4 to 0.05kw on average
  • No downtime due to ragging
  • Information and Operational Data: “Availability of information is astronomical”
  • Adaptability: “Continuing ability for plant operators to adapt that mixer to their needs to match their process and application on a day to day basis.”


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