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Flygt -Xylem submersible pumps are the recognized leader in the pump industry and remain the leader with superior design features, superior product and superior support. Flygt invented the submersible pump more than sixty years ago and now have manufactured over 3 million submersible pumps, with the highest market share of large submersible pumps in the United States including Kansas. The reason for success resides in the design of Flygt submersible pumps including: Hard Iron-Hi Chrome impellers and suctions, double row lower bearing, two tandem independent mechanical seals with tungsten-carbide stationary and rotating faces, lower mechanical seal with a patented “spin out” feature to expel particles away from the lower seal for longer seal life (see attached), motors rated with Class H insulation and Class H winding, and short shaft overhang. All these features showcase a pump that is not equaled by any other manufacturer of submersible pumps today. Flygt’s reputation for durability and a long-life span translates to the following:

• Greater Reliability
• Lower Operational Costs
• Lowest Cost of Ownership

Local Support

Stocking of Parts and Pumps
JCI is a local authorized service center and we stock multiple compete repair kit of all the pumps models that we are bidding on the project.

Safety JCI only local company with FM/Explosion proof rated repair facility
Customer has invested in a product specified with the FM Explosion proof rating for safety and integrity of the equipment. JCI’s repairs and service maintain the FM / explosion proof protection. Typically a competitor would have to send the pump to Chicago or Dallas for a FM Explosion proof facility.

N – Technology Pumps with Clog Free Guarantee
Flygt N-pumps take on the toughest applications and get the job done. Every component is designed and manufactured to deliver sustained high efficiency. Thanks to patented N-technology with its innovative self-cleaning impeller, Flygt N-pumps deliver the highest total efficiency. It lowers your energy bill and reduces unplanned maintenance costs. That adds up to total peace of mind – and big savings over the long term.

Flygt N Technology Impellers offer industry leading ability to handle and pass fibrous debris and other solids found in typical wastewater environments. Flygt guarantees that its solids-handling pumps, when equipped with impellers utilizing the self-cleaning N-technology, will be free from clogging for 12 months when pumping sewage and wastewater containing solids and debris normally found in domestic wastewater with Xylem’s 1 year Clog Free Guarantee. The following video shows how the N Technology self cleaning technology passes rags and other debris in wastewater:

Maintained Clean Water Efficiency in Dirty Wastewater
When solid object such as stringy fibrous material and modern trash, enter the inlet of a conventional pump, they tend to get caught on the leading edges of the impeller vanes. This build-up reduced the impeller’s efficiency, resulting in increased power consumption. This increased rate of power consumption generates an increase in energy charges.

As solids continue to build-up inside the impeller, motor thermal protection can trip causing the pump to stop. This leads to costly unplanned service calls.

If a conventional wastewater pump runs intermittently, the solids build-up will be removed by backflushing when the pump is shut off at the end of the operating cycle. When next cycle begins, efficiency returns to its initial value since the impeller is free from solid objects.

The high efficiency of the Flygt N-pump is sustained over time due to its self-cleaning ability, keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Disposable Wipes Can Cost Municipalities Thousands Without Flygt’s Technology
A growing concern in wastewater treatment plants is the “Disposable Wipes” or “Wet Wipes” that are being flushed into wastewater systems. Flygt’s N-Impeller has shown to be particularly adept at processing these wipes that have been known to routinely clog conventional non-clog impeller pumps. The Flygt N-Pump is a self-cleaning impeller that is designed to pass modern wastewater including rags and fibrous debris. Wipes get caught on the vanes of typical non-clog channel impellers and can add up until the throughlet is clogged or obstructed. Below is a local installation of a competitor’s impeller that was clogged:

Inlet of Competitor Channel Impeller Pump Clogged With Rags and Disposable Wipes


Flushable Wipes &
Modern Trash –
Flygt N-Pump Solves Problem

This video shows how the N Technology self cleaning technology passes rags and other debris in wastewater.

Problem: In 2000, Andresen Pump Station was constructed at their largest lift station in the Vancouver, WA. “When the pump station came online just before 2004, we noted routine maintenance incidents involving clogged pumps. As the years passed, the clogging and maintenance increased to a frequency of twice and sometimes three times per week,” recalls Frank Dick, PE, an engineer with Vancouver’s Public Works. Their existing pumps were traditional non-clog, enclosed impeller that are susceptible to clogging with modern trash of rags and flushable wipes. To clear the entangled impeller of a 40 hp pump at the low-head facility normally took two hours by an outsourced crew at a rate of $80 per hour.”

Solution: City replaced existing pumps with Flygt N-pumps after Dick presented an electricity cost savings analysis and two-inch thick file of work orders for unscheduled maintenance at the low-head station. By eliminating unscheduled maintenance, the utility stood to save at least $20,000 annually by replacing the original pumps with the highly reliable N-pump units. Electric utility reductions—proven at least 45 percent by the metering period—will further add to the total savings over the life of the equipment. The pumps not only eliminated clogging but also delivered significant power savings that would accrue throughout the expected service life period of more than 50 years. The reliability of an N-pump can be attributed to the semi-open, screw-shaped impeller that prevents clogging and facilitates the unobstructed flow of fibrous material. Without material wrapping around the impeller and sapping pump flow and efficiency, energy savings often exceeded 45% during field tests due to the patented component. The leading edge of the pump’s rotating impeller passes across a stationary relief groove located in the pump suction port. The dynamic action cleans and pumps away any rags, stringy materials and solids from the impeller without compromising the hydraulic efficiency.

Motor Rating run cooler by 10 to 20 deg C
For every 10°C cooler the motor runs the motor life is doubled. Flygt’s motors are designed for 20 to 30 starts/hr vs 1/2 to 1/4th of the competitor. Flygt’s windings are trickle impregnated with a 97% fill factor versus competitor low factor of 55 to 70%.

“Spins Out” Abrasive Particles

Cable Entry System can be re-used vs epoxy repotting of competitor.
Safety – Flygt’s Pump Seal to Discharge Elbow does not require gaskets which wear quickly and leak requiring additional maintenance operator required to enter wetwell.
Pump Seals protected by patented “spin-out” to flush abrasive particles away, to reduce wear and extend seal life 4 times.

Tungsten carbide seal faces vs. competitors silicon carbon
Less costly Silicon Carbide is brittle and can shatter like glass when hit debris. Compared to silicon carbide, tungsten carbide has 600% higher resistance to thermal shock (resists heating/cooling damage, excellent heat dissipation) and 1/10th dry friction for better sliding properties, better run dry characteristics.

Flygt seals are locked to the suction housing so o-rings can easily prevent the fluid from leaking. Competitor seals are elastomeric driven where a rubber bellows has to both hold the stationary seal to the shaft but also try to seal at the same time.

The advantage of Positively Driven seals is that they do not allow the seal faces to open thereby eliminating debris and the possible wear from materials entering underneath the seal faces resulting in long life, less wear and less maintenance

Flygt’s dual Plug-in Seal is easy to install

Flygt’s seal has an active seal where it has no leakage leading to longer operational times before servicing pump

Flygt Motor Shaft has very short shaft overhang
Results in ½ the radial force on the upper bearing and 1/3 the force on the lower bearing than a competitors’ pump with a shaft overhand that is twice Flygt’s overhand. Flygt pump shaft deflection by the impeller will be (1/6) the deflection of the competitor’s pump with double the overhang. With the low deflection the mechanical seal and wear is minimized.

Innovative Service Cart – Dry Pit Applications/Retrofits
Flygt’s innovative service cart and tried and tested lifting devices ensures safe pump handling for horizontal pumps. Servicing is straightforward thanks to its telescopic opening which gives you access to the pump suction end without having to dismantle the pump. The cart includes pump housing drainage holes for better working environment and pressure gauge connection for simpler performance checks.


Dry-Pit Submersible Retrofit –
Eliminate Maintenance & Safety Concerns

Problem: The City was experiencing increased labor cost due to the return sludge (RAS) pumps and a collection system pump station that were not only clogging with rags and stringy debris, but also had a maintenance intensive conventional dry-pit pump, with couplings, shafting, pillow block bearings, shaft guards and vertical electric motors on the upper floor. The system was also complex and relied on a seal water system composed of solenoid valves, needle valves and interlocks with the motor control system to flush mechanical seal. Their existing pumps were traditional non-clog, enclosed impeller that are susceptible to clogging with modern trash of rags and flushable wipes. The maintenance of the units and inherent vibration problems led the City to seek a solution to stop excessive repairs and maintenance.

Solution: JCI retrofitted the troublesome pump stations in both locations with Flygt’s dry pit submersible offering advantages which included a self-cleaning N-Impeller design, much improved hydraulic inefficiencies and continuous operation in dry or submerged conditions. Flygt’s cooling system allows the motor runs to run cool even in continuous or variable speed applications with minimal maintenance. There is no oil or grease to change and no coupling to align and maintain. With Flygt’s plug in cartridge double mechanical seal, the city also had the ability to eliminate the need for its external water source for seal flushing thus eliminating water usage and the complex interlock with the pumps. An additional benefit is the pumps and motors are now flood proof since the pumps are submersible if the station floods. By removing the vertical shafting, the safety of the operators is improved. The City now has pumps operating flawlessly for over 8 years with smooth running, quiet operation and reliable pumping system.

Hi-Chrome (25% chrome) Hard-Iron Impeller and Suction for low wear, maintains optimal efficiency leading to low maintenance and operating costs.

Pump and Motor Warranty 100% for 2 years
The pump and motor are warranted for 5 years, surpassing the specification requirements of most competitors’ warranty of one year. The warranty is prorated with full 100% coverage for the first 2 years, 50% coverage for up to 39 months, and 25% coverage up to 60 months. The warranty includes labor to repair or replace the parts including normal wear items such as mechanical seals and bearings which are not included by competitor warranties.

Safety & Liability in Repairing Explosion Proof Motors for Hazardous Location – Flame Path Integrity
In today’s lean times, budgets are often stretched to their limit. Frequently, it is difficult to justify paying more for a pump repair, especially when other shops may offer lower labor rates. However, there are benefits to using factory authorized repair centers that often go overlooked, particularly when the pump in question is an FM Approved – Explosion Proof Motor in a Hazardous Location.

The end user has invested in a product with the FM rating for safety and integrity of the equipment. JCI is a factory authorized repair center for Flygt and other manufactures with trained and certified FM approved technicians on staff, able to repair FM rated pumps. To maintain this safety and liability, ensure FM rated pumps are returned to their original factory specifications including maintaining its Flame Path Integrity.
The following benefits are provided when using JCI’s factory trained and FM approved technicians:
flygt fm approved technician explosion proof pump repair.

  • 10x Life of cast-iron (typical of competitors)

  • Competitors usually take exception and may offer coatings since it is expensive to cast in Hi-Chrome; however, their hardness is like a M&M without being hard throughout.

  • Upgrade: Hi-Chrome, Hard-Iron, Impeller & Insert Ring Upgrade to Dramatically Improve Service Life of Pump

  • Only Genuine Flygt Parts will be utilized during the repair work.

  • Exact tolerances and quality are maintained.

  • Repairs are warranted for 12 months from time of repair.

  • Supporting documentation of an FM repair is recorded as proof of the flame path integrity.

  • Peace of mind knowing the equipment is repaired for the intended environment. Don’t lose your FM rating.

  • Problem: Sand, grit, rocks and gravel dramatically reduce the service life of cast iron components causing inefficient pumping and high repair cost.

  • Long Term Solution: Retrofit channel style, cast-iron impeller to Flygt’s “N” impeller with high chrome suction insert and impeller. The 25% chrome content (Hard-iron) has 10 times the relative life expectancy versus traditional cast iron.

Product Assistance

Please describe the products or service needs in the short form below and our technical assistants will work closely with you to ensure you have all necessary parts shipped instantly. You can also call our experts at 800-366-7867.

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