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Inovair Geared Centrifugal Blowers (Turbo) offer 10-40% energy savings and a significant increase in efficiency over the traditionally used multi-stage blower or positive displacement blower equipment, Inovair’s integrated control systems also feature the ability to improve processes and process control for additional savings. Relative to other modern single stage centrifugal/turbo technologies, Inovair geared centrifugal blowers offer comparable or better efficiency at a more economical price, and with greater reliability than air bearing turbos. Efficiency translates directly into energy savings; the higher the efficiency of the blower, the larger amount of energy savings.

The Inovair IO Series turbo blowers deliver the lowest cost per cfm and meets a wide range of airflow demands. Inovair turbo blowers are the ideal solution for bringing efficiency to lower HP applications. With proven durability, best in class efficiency, and advanced airflow controls, the Inovair IO Series blower package can improve operational performance while also significantly reducing operating costs.


  • Energy Efficient (~80% isentropic)
  • Proven Integrally-geared Design
  • Compact Design
  • Maintenance-friendly: Annual Maintenance Intervals
  • Engineered and Built in the USA
  • Handles fluctuating pressures
  • Low Noise (75-85 dBA)
  • Turndown: Up to 4:1 Capacity Turndown
  • Standard Components: Industry standard VFDs and TEFC Motors
  • Capable of multiple start/stop cycles

Case Study: Blue Springs, MO 37% Energy Savings & Improved Reliability & Energy Conservation Grant

Blue Springs, MO Sni-A-Bar WWTP, replaced 2 of their 4 PD blowers with integrally geared turbo blowers in a nitrification-denitrification process. This resulted in over 35% less energy used by the integrally geared centrifugal blowers along with improved process control. Phase 2 replaced the 2 remaining active rotary lobe blowers with an additional pair of integrally geared turbo blowers, this pair having about 7% higher flow capacity relative to the first pair, and resulted in over 40% energy savings relative to the rotary lobe blowers. This total energy savings can be broken into 2 components: energy saved due to increased wire to air efficiency of the blower package and energy saved due to process improvements. It is estimated that wire to air efficiency accounts for approximately three-quarters of the savings while process improvement accounts for one-quarter of the total savings. This blower replacement was partially funded through an Energy Conservation Grant and the energy savings were independently verified by a third-party.

Case Study: Nixa, MO 2013 Aerobic Digester – Reduces Energy Consumption & Noise

In 2013 Nixa, MO WWTP replaced its positive displacement (PD) blowers with more efficient Inovair (IE) model integrally-geared turbo blowers. The high efficiency blowers reduced the installed horsepower required by the existing blowers while reducing the noise level. The Nixa facility was also able to maintain low installation costs by reusing the existing MCC and installing the Inovair blowers outdoors in the same location of the old blowers without any additional expensive canopy or blower building.

Project Background

In 2013, Nixa’s wastewater digester system was overtaxed due to the rapid population growth of the area. To treat the increased capacity, additional diffusers and additional blowers were needed. Because the existing PD blowers were noisy and inefficient, Nixa wanted a more efficient and quiet solution. Their existing 75 HP PD blowers were installed outdoors near the digester, uncovered and approximately 100 feet from the office and control room. The pulsing of the existing PD blowers could be heard throughout the office and control room. Nixa wanted a reliable high efficiency solution which could be utilized outdoors and without a cover. Thus, the challenge for the Nixa facility was to keep the current blower location for budget purposes but still have smoother, quieter operating blowers and use the existing MCC. The addition of a new MCC room or blower building would have made the project too expensive. Knowing Inovair’s (IE) model integrally-geared turbo blower would provide the lowest total cost of ownership while also meeting the plants goals on noise and efficiency, Nixa worked with Inovair to apply their solution.


Inovair’s (IE) model integrally-geared turbo blower package was the perfect solution for Nixa. The robust (IE) integrated blower enclosure, which is designed to be installed outdoors without any additional protection or cover while also reducing sound1, was the perfect solution to meet the plant’s requirements. The plant operators were incredibly happy being able to install the new blowers in the same location while reducing the bothersome noise associated with the old blowers. The sound reduction was instantly noticed, and the plant operator remarked “We are ecstatic on how quiet they are compared to the old blowers”.

A big concern for other high-speed turbo blowers is contamination from the environment such as dirt, dust, and pollen. Inovair blower packages draw the process air directly into the impeller through a filter, which removes 98% of particles 10 micron or larger, ensuring that there is no bypass air around outdated panel filters or through poorly constructed enclosures negatively affecting the life of the blower. Additionally, the highly efficient air end of the Inovair (IE) model blowers allowed Inovair to meet the required flow with only 50 HP which is 33% lower HP than the 75HP required by the previous PD blowers. This highly reliable integrally-geared airhead with non-contact oil-film bearings on the high-speed shaft has eliminated any unplanned downtime and the blowers have been available for service 99% of the time. With only minor routine maintenance needed, the plant has been extremely happy with the performance and reliability of the Inovair (IE) model integrally-geared turbo blower. Nixa facility management remarked “We love how easy these are to maintain.“ An added benefit has been the realization that since Inovair uses industry standard motors the plant has piece of mind if there is ever a need to replace the motor. They could locally supply or easily service the motor. Inovair’s ability to connect to the existing MCC was crucial to avoid any budget over runs and the ability to use a lower HP due to its high efficiency ensured there were no expensive MCC room upgrades. Because of the design advantages of the this integrally-geared turbo blower package, Inovair was the only manufacturer to be able to meet all of the requirements for the Nixa WWTP plant upgrade and do it within budget. Over the last six years the Inovair blower has proven to provide the lowest total cost of ownership.


100% Designed, Machined and Assembled in the USA – Local Manufacturing & Local Service in Lenexa, KS

Inovair is the only manufacturer of centrifugal blowers and compressors (both geared centrifugal blowers and turbo blowers) which performs all of its manufacturing activities in the USA. All Inovair products are invented, engineered, machined, assembled and tested in the heartland of the USA, at Inovair’s facilities in Lenexa KS.  Inovair’s design, build quality, performance and durability are second to none.

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